The German-speaking OSM-related Telegram group (OSM D-A-CH) opened a GitHub organization to centrally source OpenStreetMap-related developments. Please enjoy browsing the projects.

OSM_de’s projects

Mentor API

Mentor API is a project for storing contact (e-mail, social media etc.) and approximately location information about the user who wants to provide help and who provides this kind of information to the (non)authorized public by entering it into mentorAPI’s database by using mentorAPI or one of the frontends available for it.

Web to OpenStreetMap opening_hours

This tool allows you to paste any website content giving opening hours of a place and returns a value for the opening_hours-tag.
It can be used directly without forking the repository beforehand.

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Greasemonkey Script

If you are using the Greasemonkey addon for Firefox, you can install a powerful script using this link directly into your browser.

When using with it, you will have direct access to Mapillary and KartaView links that point to the same map area, multiple tools from the sidebar such as OSMCha (for Changesets), OSM Deep History and Nominatim (for other Objects) or a link to create an Overpass History request when you’re looking at a Note.

Also, when you’re looking into your profile’s “My Notes” page, you will have the option to filter only unresolved notes for a better overview.

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Member’s projects

noteSolver JOSM plugin by kmpoppe

This plugin for JOSM allows resolving a Note directly after uploading some changes.
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fhrsPlugin JOSM plugin by kmpoppe

This plugin for JOSM allows to use the FHRS API (for the United Kingdom) to merge data into OpenStreetMap.
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